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5 video ideas to engage your audience online

Updated: Nov 28, 2019

Video content boosts sales, builds trust, engages your audience and it’s easily shareable among potential customers - and that is just the tip of the iceberg! You know your business needs video content, but what are the next steps?

These 5 steps will give you loads of video ideas that you can easily create to promote your business and grow your audience online. If you would prefer to watch my video where I share these tips, you can click right here. If not, continue reading my friend and let's jump straight into the video ideas!


This is a great opportunity to create video content no matter what industry you are in. I use a free tool called Zoom, which allows me to video call my clients and record our conversation.

On the call, you can give them tips and talk through some of the issues and challenges that they have - this kind of video content is fantastic, because chances are your followers have the same problems too and would love to hear your advice on how to get through them.

This is incredibly helpful and practical content that they can actually apply to their own lives.

2. FACEBOOK LIVE While some people are terrified to go live on social media, i’ve got a tip for you that is going to completely take the pressure of you when it comes to Facebook Live videos. It’s as simple as this: 1. Go onto your Facebook business page.

2. Click the button to go ‘Live’.

3. Change your privacy settings to ‘just me’. 4. Record the Facebook Live.

As the video has not been seen by the public, you can decide afterwards, whether or not you want to publish it to your newsfeed.

Facebook Live videos get much more engagement than regular Facebook video uploads, so it is definitely worth the try!

Facebook are actively trying to promote people and pages who are using their live feature, so they will send out a notification to your followers letting them know that you have just gone live. They great news is that this notification stays there, even after you have finished your Facebook live, so your live video will continue to get views after you have stopped recording.


There are so many benefits to brining your audience behind the scenes and introducing them to the work that goes into bringing your product or service to life. It humanises your business, it builds trust with your customers and creates a much more intimate relationship between you and your audience.

You don’t need to show them every single part of your day, but showcasing your office, your team and your daily processes will make your followers feel like they are a part of the journey with you.

People love stories, so this is your chance to tell the story of your brand in a fun and creative way.


If you are absolutely petrified to get in front of the camera, there are some really simple ways to ease your way into it nice and easy. Social Media platforms are rewarding people who post video by promoting that content to more people - but you don’t have to be talking to camera to take advantage of that extra reach.

Boomerang (an app created by Instagram), allows you to take a few video frames and turn them into a looping animation.

It couldn’t be more simple to use and create, but it will really catch your audience's attention when they are scrolling through their social media feeds.


If someone is looking for help these days, where's the first place they go? Online! They will type their question into Google or Youtube, or scour social media in the hopes of finding an answer to their question. Here’s where your video content comes to the rescue. This is your chance to provide real value to potential customers.

If you are a makeup artist, you can create a video on how to get the perfect eyebrows. If you are a hairdresser, you can tell them how to get salon sleek hair at home. If you are a yoga instructor, give them some great tips to cure stiff shoulders. If you sell a specific product, show that product in action and share your top tips to get the most from it. The list goes on and on.

You have to understand what the challenges of your potential client are, and give them the solutions. It might feel like you are giving something away for free, but it is actually showing that you are an expert, you know what you are talking about and you can help them.

Creating video content can often seem daunting, but once you’ve got your first video done and dusted, there’ll be no stopping you!

I hope you found some interesting ideas here that can work for your business and audience online. If there are any more you think I should add to the list, I would love to hear your ideas in the comments below.

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