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10 best tools for small businesses to make marketing much easier

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Are you frustrated trying to figure out the best tools to use for marketing your business? There are so many apps, tools and platforms out there at the moment, trying to cut through the noise and endless resources is incredibly time consuming. Here’s the good news, I’ve done all the hard work and put together a list of tried and tested tools that will increase your productivity and save you time and energy so you can focus on growing your business. These are the most reliable and easy to use platforms on the market right now and although paid options are available, they each provide basic tools that are completely free of charge (who doesn’t love free of charge!)

Over the coming weeks, I'll be posting videos and tricks on how to use each of these apps - make sure you are in my Facebook Group to get access. Canva

Canva is my go-to tool for social media images! It allows you to easily create beautiful social media designs, with thousands of free templates, images and icons. Their easy to use drag-and-drop feature will help you to produce stunning graphics in minutes. You can also save your brand colours and drag-and-drop your personal watermark to ensure that your graphics are consistent. Canva is available on desktop and mobile, and the basic version is completely free of charge (there is a paid version, which gives you access to more images & layouts, for a minimal cost).


If you are signed up to my newsletter, you will have already seen the kind of quality email structures this fantastic tool can create. Mailchimp is a powerful and easy to use email marketing platform, giving small businesses access to design tools that make it easy for you to create sophisticated email campaigns. If you’ve never tried email marketing before, you may not be aware that by building your email list, you can gain a much higher conversion rate than on social media. With the ever-changing algorithms on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, reach and conversion rates are almost at 0% for non-paid advertising. Email marketing however, can increase your conversion to 3.3%, with an open rate of 25 - 30% on average - It’s a no brainer! When it comes to email marketing, always remember that the more useful information you can provide, the more trust you will build with your customers. It’s not about selling, it’s about giving them something they will find useful or enjoy. The more they believe in you and your brand, the higher your engagement and conversion will be.


Zoom is a fantastic tool for video and audio conferencing, collaboration and chat. Not only does it allow you to call people for free (for the first 40 minutes), it also allows you to share your screen and record video. This is an easy way to create video content for your social media accounts. Why not interview someone on your team or a record a video testimonial with a client? There are so many content ideas you can create with this free tool.


Loom is another great video tool that allows you to capture your screen, record your front-facing camera, and narrate it all at once. Then you can instantly share it with your team members or post it on social media with a simple link.

Why not record how to order something on your website, or show your audience how to use a tool or app?


As a small business you have to be very careful of the images you use online. Without the photographers permission, it is illegal to use imagery from Google or anywhere else around the web. Thankfully, Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos, contributed by a talented community of photographers. All photos are tagged and searchable through their discover page, so you are sure to find imagery that works for your brand. They also provide free video clips, which you can legally use to promote your business.


When you are trying to run a small business, the last thing you want to worry about is managing your social media accounts every day. Hootsuite is a great social media management and scheduling tool which will save you an enormous amount of time. You can easily connect your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts and schedule your content to go live at specific times. This means that you don’t need to be online everyday to post content and you can post across all of your social media channels at once. It also allows you to monitor your engagement and social streams all in one place, as well as tracking key topics that are important to your business.


The Quik app allows you to create videos right from your phone. Once you have chosen the photos or videos you want to use, you can add music, transitions, video effects and syncs to customise your clip. It is incredibly quick and easy to use and it’s completely free of charge.

BeFunky Photo

There are so many things you can do with the BeFunky photo editor and collage maker, but one of my personal favourites is the colour picker tool. This is great for brand consistency and matching your text with the colours within the image. This app has no ads, no registration required, no watermarks and no limitations, giving you full control over your images. Now it’s added a load of functionality to rival canva too.


This tool helps you to find, analyse and amplify your hashtag strategy, by identifying top hashtags to maximize your success on social media. Their free hashtag finder allows you to search through the 12,400,638 Twitter and Instagram hashtags and pick the best ones for your brand. More doesn’t necessarily mean better, when it comes to hashtags. You have to focus on finding the most relevant ones for your industry. Between 5 - 8 hashtags on Instagram should do it.

Google My Business

As a small business, you want to make it as easy as possible for people to find you. This app is a must download! With Google My Business, you can quickly and easily manage your business information across Google Search and Maps. This will give your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) a huge boost and will get your brand noticed on Google. Here, you can update your business address and hours, manage your customer reviews, get notified when customers are talking about your business and get custom insights on where and how many people are searching for you. This tool is invaluable when it comes to mastering your Digital Marketing!

These are my 10 best apps for small businesses who want to create great content without faffing about and going through hundreds of tools to find the right ones.

I’ve showed you mine... now I want to hear about yours!

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In the coming weeks, I'll be going through each of these apps and showing you how to use them and helping you get the most of them. Videos will be posted in my Facebook Group - Digiyell Online Marketing That Works.

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