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Oodles of business and marketing experience

I've a long-standing corporate marketing background. Over 15 years experience from the ground (the exhilarating task of proof reading address labels on envelopes) to running award winning global marketing campaigns. I've worked in technology, telecommunications, financial services and food sectors. I've managed teams across countries and sat at senior management level. I’ve worked in fast paced start up style organisations, launched US businesses in Europe, and led EMEA marketing for businesses with multi-billion dollar valuations.

​Been there, done that, got the start-up tee-shirt

And then I co-founded my own business (online food based business). Suddenly I was knee deep in every aspect of the business. When there is no team, no budget, no agencies, I had to figure out how to capture my audience, engage them and crucially - convert them to customers. But the task wasn't over there. I had to hold on to them, sell to them again make sure they loved the experience. 

​While starting my own business was one of the biggest emotional rollercoasters of my life, I loved it. I loved making my own decisions, I loved engaging with customers, I loved analysing what was working and what wasn't. 

After building a strong and loyal customer base, new opportunities came our way and we decided to pivot (start-up jargon for change direction). Through the success of my own business I was approached by other businesses to help them. Everything from strategy to branding and insights, marketing consultancy to building websites and generating demand (see our services). I started to realise that I could make a real impact on growing businesses by helping entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses.

Mum of three children and one business
And so digiyell was born. I provide advice and services in strategic planning, customer experience, communications, customer retention, digital marketing campaign management and execution, marketing strategy and my specific start-up service - startup360.  A huge part of my service is about being a partner to my clients. I get to know your business, your goals, your motivations and help to clarify how to grow your business in a tangible sustainable way. I help you create a simple achievable action plan and remain with you to deliver growth for your business.

Founders unite!

While the idea of being your own boss and working around your own schedule is enticing, the reality can be isolating and hugely challenging. It’s easy to start off motivated and buzzed to go out on your own. Maintaining that focus and motivation 6 months, 12 months, 18 months down the line is another story altogether. That’s where startup360 comes in.


I work with entrepreneurs and founders to clarify exactly what it is they want to achieve, translate that into KPIs and milestones and to create a simple (not overwhelming) action plan. I then work with you long term as a strategic growth partner, where I help you to stay on focus, feel motivated and remain on track to grow your business.

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